100W Challenge

March 18 2013 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Education | Inspiration
Last week, a few of our enthusiastic designers got together to complete the IALD 100W Challenge.
'Awakened Places' Concept Board / Speirs + Major
'Awakened Places' Concept Board / Speirs + Major
The IALD 100W Challenge asked five teams to light a house in the East End of London, with all rooms and stairwells illuminated using a total of 100W. The teams were encouraged to stretch their imaginations and produce solutions for each room depending on its function.

Our team, consisting of Hiro, Alex, Dan and Ting, were up against other lighting design firms ARUP, LAPD, KSLD and Lighting Design International. Hiro described our response: "‘Awakened Places’ is a light concept that challenges the relationship between function and space. It questions whether we use artificial light to allow us to function after dark, or if we adjust ourselves within a lit environment to function. Traditionally we may place a lamp by our bedside so we can read before going to sleep or hang a chandelier above the dining table so we can share dinner with friends; but what role can light play in spaces that are functionless? By using light to celebrate these 'dead spaces', do we alter the way we function within a space? Are we controlling the light, or is the light in control of us?"