Antony Gormley’s ‘Breathing Room III’

June 29 2010 — by Satu Streatfield
Photoluminescent frames of cuboids glow eerily and intersect to create what appear to be 2-dimensional perspectival 'drawings' in light - drawings that you can walk into and get wonderfully disoriented in.

In effect, the space looks like a flat architectural drawing/diagram of itself - when you stand still and look at it you think you are seeing a 2D diagrammatic representation of a 3D space. The surprise comes when the slightest head movement reveals that it is in fact the 3D space you are looking at! It's like the surprise of opening a pop-up book!

It almost feels like (hesitantly) roaming around inside a retro computer game. Anyone seen that Simpsons episode where Homer falls into a parallel universe that's in 3D and completely freaks out...?! Anyway, the loss of depth perception is quite surreal and profoundly magical.

After all these legibility analyses, it's nice to see light used to render a space completely illegible! I could easily have spent a whole afternoon getting lost and confused in there.

(As Benz rightly pointed out though, it would have been even better if the walls had been painted black as well as the floor.)

Carrie Bodle did a project very similar to this in 2006 - 'The Flattening and Opening of Space'.