Cartier Circle, Canary Wharf

February 02 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Cartier Circle, the gateway to one of London’s financial epicentres, Canary Wharf, was completed recently after being developed by Canary Wharf Contractors, along with Speirs + Major. In designing the lighting design, the aim was to enhance safety and security whilst creating a more enjoyable place to be and reinforcing the concept of Cartier Circle as a visible landmark and primary gateway to Canary Wharf.

In order to do this, large art-posts were erected in the median of Cartier Circle, with sparkling top lights reinforcing the visibility of the site, and at night creating a navigational presence amidst the tall buildings and dark sky. This was further enhanced by uplighting the art-posts and surrounding trees, and adding a contrasting downlighting effect also on the trees, creating drama with pools of light on the footpaths and bringing the light down to a human scale.