Design to Shape Light

October 09 2018 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Events | Inspiration
Principal Mark Major has been invited to contribute to Louis Poulsen's photography exhibition, Design to Shape Light. Mark's image "Slatted Light" is one of twenty photographs by a selection of architects, designers and creatives.
Copyright/ Mark Major
Copyright/ Mark Major
Mark comments: "This is a captured moment in light showing an accidental effect created by the action of natural light passing through a medium onto a surface – in this case soft, diffused, early morning sunlight passing through a Venetian blind. The blind is designed to shape light – and so it does, creating its own distinct architecture. Suddenly a blank wall becomes a surface made of light and shadow in which one can delight. I love these kinds of happy accidents – and if you look very carefully you will find many details like this every day, through which you can appreciate the true beauty of light."

Each photograph in the exhibition will be available for sale through a silent auction with all proceeds going to Maggie's, Barts in Clerkenwell. The exhibition will be held at the Carl Hansen & Son showroom and will be open to the public Monday-Friday 9am-5pm from tomorrow until 26th October.