Framework for Exchange at the London Design Festival

September 14 2018 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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We are excited to share our lighting design for the The Office Group (TOG) and Universal Design Studio collaboration - ‘ Framework for Exchange’. The project is a temporary pavilion in Shoreditch, specially created for the London Design Festival 2018. The 7.4m high structure, which is to be constructed from recyclable scaffolding, is designed to encourage interaction, openness, collaboration and community.

Intended for use throughout the day and evening, the pavilion design features open sides and a polycarbonate roof. As daylight fades the lighting approach transforms the façade into a dynamic lantern, attracting attention from passers-by. Cool blue light floods the interior volume, saturating the grid wall, floor and staircase, and creating a translucent screen that is enlivened by shadows from the interaction within. Contrasting warmer light cuts through this cool backdrop, providing visual focus, while accentuating the architectural elements that facilitate the process of exchange and encourage social interaction.

Part of the core design philosophy is that the pavilion should have the potential for social impact through the creative ideas generated and shared in the space, yet leave no physical trace post-residence. In respect of this, the lighting design is executed entirely with rented equipment.

Mark Major, Principal, comments: "We were thrilled to be invited to work on this project with TOG and UDS, which has allowed us to explore how skilfully integrated light could reinforce the narrative of ‘exchange and collaboration’ while delivering a clear and visually enticing identity for the pavilion after dark.

It was a real treat to work with this cutting edge design team on such an innovative project, and to be able to see our ideas come to fruition in a comparatively short time frame has been immensely rewarding."

The pavilion will facilitate as well as host a programme of activities and workshop events running concurrently throughout the week. More information on the events can be found here.