HALFLIFE: Two Year Anniversary

March 23 2017 — by tariq.shaded
This month marks the second anniversary of HALFLIFE, an immersive, durational light installation presented at The King's Cross Tunnel.

The installation formed around British physicist Ernest Rutherford’s principal of decay, ‘Half‐life (t1⁄2)’. The concept being that visitors may witness the changing cycles of growth and deterioration through light and colour.

Delivered in association with the King’s Cross Central Partnership for three months from March to May 2015, HALFLIFE was a site‐specific work using the medium of light to synthesize a digital journey through light and colour.

Whilst, the juxtapositions of light and dark, order and chaos, past and present, peaceful and energetic are possible to observe in one viewing, the gradual evolution of hue and saturation are only recognisable across the piece’s entire duration, creating a new experience on each journey and even each footstep.

For more pictures and information, check out the HALFLIFE project page here