Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund announces 2014 winner

January 20 2015 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund has announced its 2014 winner as Cashel Brown, a post-graduate student of Lighting Design at Edinburgh Napier University.
Cashel Brown with his medal.
Cashel Brown with his medal.
Cashel, who holds a degree in architecture from the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), University of Edinburgh was selected from a strong field of candidates drawn from a wide variety of schools of architecture in the UK and US. A detailed selection process ultimately determined that the combination of Cashel’s passion for light and the strong recommendation received from his university made him the worthy winner of the £10,000 scholarship. The funding will be used to support his ongoing education and investigation into the relationship between light and architecture.

Chairman of the JSSF John Roake spoke on behalf of the Trustees of the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund: “We are delighted to have made this second award. Whilst the selection process was every bit as demanding as our inaugural award in 2013, it was a unanimous decision to offer a scholarship to Cashel Brown. As a graduate architect who is now engaged in a postgraduate course in lighting design, Cashel absolutely represents the quality and type of student this award was originally aimed at. We have no doubt that the financial support will help him immensely as he makes his way in his chosen profession as a Lighting Designer.”

Cashel commented: “I feel extremely privileged to have received the second Jonathan Speirs Scholarship, and intend to use the opportunity to fuel my passion for lighting design.”

John Roake concluded with a plea for ongoing support: "Once again, this award has only been made possible as a result of the incredible generosity of a number of companies and individuals who came forward with donations. It is our stated intention that we will make a minimum of one award each year until 2023. To that end we still need further financial help. We would therefore like to use this opportunity to appeal to companies, professional practices and individuals who both knew Jonathan or benefitted from his incredible insight into light and architecture to give generously going into the future.”