Mark contributes to Article 25’s 10x10 Drawing the City

November 21 2013 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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Mark will be contributing to Article 25's 10x10 Drawing the City initiative again this year.
Image / Mark Major
Image / Mark Major
10×10 is a project which divides an area of London into a 10 x 10 grid, with the resulting squares being allocated to 100 prominent architects, designers and artists, who in turn create 100 pieces of work. The resultant artworks will be auctioned off on Thursday 28th November, with all proceeds going to Article 25, the UK’s leading architectural and construction aid charity.

This year, Mark's square overlooked Whitecross Market. “I came across the market in Whitecross Street on a sunny lunchtime. I had never been there before. I wasn’t even aware it existed! The street was teeming with life – a reflection of the popularity of the amazing variety of street food on offer. The noise, smell and movement was quite wonderful – the city at its best – impromptu and lively and set in the heart of a community; a street full of different cultures, colours and languages with a collision of architecture and landscape forms creating the perfect backdrop.”