New Speirs + Major identity and stationery

August 07 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
Changing a successful brand identity was a difficult but necessary change for us. The 'Speirs and Major Associates, Lighting Architects' identity has served us well for more than 10 years but we decided a new look would tell a more accurate story of the practice and the way our portfolio and thinking is developing. The three disciplines of our work shows the broad and wide-ranging interest we have in light. To express this as an identity was a challenge we set for Bibliothèque. The brief grew from a series of conversations with them about who we are and how wanted to express the qualities of light that we are interested in: light and dark, simplicity and a portfolio made of light.

Judge for yourself, we think it is terrific.

The tag line changes from 'Lighting Architects' to 'Designers working with light' which more accurately expresses the skills of the team and what we do.