New website for Speirs + Major

August 07 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
The nature of how the web is used and what we all expect from it has changed completely since we launched our last last website in 2004. Transparency and open access to information is now a necessity not a nice-to-have. For us, sharing our work, ideas and process is the best way to reveal what we do, how we think and what motivates our work with light.

Web designers Engage have done a great job in building the architecture of a website which fits the open and easy-to-use structure that we wanted. Their creative solutions have made the site easy to navigate enabling cross links around without getting lost. Graphically the styling and page layouts are beautifully simple and work well with the new Speirs + Major identity defined by Bibliothèque.

The site is full of information which, as you move through, can be saved to make your very own set of saved pages - a selection of projects and supporting information that you can download or share with a friend. Images and animations can be browsed through an image carousel or viewed in full screen by double clicking on images. We also have both a blog and an area to show some of the research and thinking behind our work. These areas will be constantly expanding so keep an eye on both. A regular newsletter to summarise what Speirs + Major have been doing is available by subscription (see link at the bottom of the homepage)

We are very proud of the site - we hope you enjoy using it.