Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference

September 04 2013 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Education | Inspiration
Last week, Satu attended the Royal Geographical Society's Annual Conference, which this year had a theme of 'light and darkness'.

The diverse group of speakers, from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the USA, brought together architects, designers and academics, and highlighted how relevant the themes light and darkness are for a broad spectrum of academic studies.

Talks covered a number of fascinating subjects including; light as a precious commodity in Indian culture; artificial sky and night-time city simulations by camoufleurs during WWII; 'light tourism' during carnivals and special events; the marketing of light as a lifestyle choice in postwar USA; the particular social circles created by the 24 hour city; light as a means to encourage social cohesion and pride; light in modernist architecture; light as a medium for creating public art that encourages participation and play; and the eradication of darkness in cities.