Satu Streatfield gives public lecture at National Sculpture Factory

November 23 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
Education | Events
Satu Streatfield has been invited by the National Sculpture Factory to give a public talk on the interface between light and art. The lecture will take place Thursday 25 November in Cork, Ireland.

Several Speirs + Major projects have involved lighting artworks and sculptures, from the colossal 4 logo of Channel 4 to Sam Holland's quiet memorial for the RNLI.

In our collaborations with artists, light has played a number of different parts. Sometimes it serves only to allow a work to be seen. Other times, it takes on a more collaborative role, interacting with the work, and adding new layers of interpretation. Occasionally, light becomes the subject itself, creating a piece of light art.

Satu's lecture will look at the fascinating bonds between light and art and the relationships that have developed between artist and designer.