Shelter by Stephanie Imbeau

January 04 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
Stephanie Imbeau was chosen among thousands of applicants to win the competition to become the fourth artist to put a unique stamp on the big 4 logo installation outside the Channel 4 headquarters, in London. Speirs + Major worked were with the artists to design a new night-time image for each of the pieces. Part of the aim was to reinterpret the sculptures so they would be seen quite differently at night.
Stephanie’s piece, Shelter, was constructed out of around 1000 umbrellas that were collected throughout the city. Most of the umbrellas came from London Transport's lost-and-found store. "Using broken umbrellas can also be seen as the re-telling of a story, the giving of second life," Stephanie explains. "The umbrellas are a visual representation of London and its many inhabitants."