‘The Progress’ video released

June 15 2017 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Education | Inspiration
'The Progress' is a collaboration about the consequences of light pollution caused by the inconsiderate use of electric lighting. It is produced by Dark Source with the support of The International Dark Sky Association (IDA).
Light pollution hides the stars and changes our perception of the night. For billions of years, life has relied on Earth’s day & night rhythm to govern itself, but humans have radically disrupted this cycle by lighting up the night. Without the natural night sky we could not have navigated the globe, learnt of our expanding universe, or discovered we are all made of stardust. Until recently, our ancestors experienced a night sky brimming with stars that inspired science, philosophy, art and literature.

Senior Designer Kerem Asfuroglu is the creator behind Dark Source, a collection of thought-provoking comics published in the magazine MondoArc which questions our relationship with light from a darker perspective. Principal Mark Major narrated the video.