Westminster Abbey chandeliers turn blue

May 12 2020 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Westminster Abbey was lit in blue for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale today.

It was wonderful to see the built-in flexibility of the new lighting scheme we have designed for Westminster Abbey used to honour such an amazing person and a worthy cause. The refurbished Waterford crystal chandeliers which form part of the completed first phase of the project are pre-programmed to be anything from dim and warm for the evenings to bright and cool during the day. The RGBW LED lamps also allow saturated colours to be employed for very special occasions such as this one.

Clinical research nurse Arlene Lee holds a lamp, symbolic of Florence Nightingale, which is carried at the Abbey's annual nurses' service held each May. This year's service has had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.