March 22 2012 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
In light of our recent award from the Lighting Design Awards 'Design Practice of the Decade', Speirs + Major would like to thank all those who have worked for us during the last decade, and their contribution to our success:

Colin Ball (BDP)
Claudia Clements
Caterina Colle (Atelier Coup d’Éclat)
Jennifer Dinwoodie (BDG Architecture + Design)
Jamie Dobson (Associate Dean for Postgraduate & Research at the University for the Creative Arts)
Sandra Downie
Emily Dufner (ARUP)
Victor Garcia Sanabria
Reinhard Germer (Meinhardt)
Chih-Chieh Hwang (Unolai Lighting Design)
Malcolm Innes (Malcolm Innes Design/Napier University)
Kim Kilgour
Nils von Leeson (Licht Kunst Licht)
Matina Magklara
Francis Milloy (Brandston Partnership Inc)
James Newton (James Newton Photography)
Suzanne Nicol (Ljusarkitektur)
Katja Nurminen (BDP Lighting)
Gerardo Olvera (Isometrix Lighting & Design)
Emily Pan (One Source Associates)
Orri Peturrson (National Theatre of Iceland)
Karl Reger (Licht Kunst Licht)
Rose Richardson
Tom Richardson (Foster Lomas)
Melanie Rosenthal (Lichtvision)
Lauren Winskill
Sarah Wisher (Happold Lighting)
Karolina Zielinska (Light Bureau)
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