Jonathan Speirs to lecture at Parsons School of Architecture and Design

August 26 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
Jonathan Speirs has accepted an opportunity to speak to students at the Parsons School of Architecture and Design in New York on Thursday 14th October.

New Thinking In Sustainability?

August 26 2010 — by Andrew Howis
Would we be any more careful with energy if its usage came at greater personal cost? Probably, if all your light came from Blood Lamps, the idea of Netherlands-based designer Mike Thompson. Break the glass, cut your finger, mix the blood with the chemicals in the phial and light is produced.

The World’s first rotating solar home

August 25 2010 — by Clementine Rodgers
The world's first rotating solar home produces 5 times the energy that it uses. A whole new level of daylight design....

Art in Edinburgh, Festival 2010

August 20 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
Although most of the city is full of performance events the visual art shows associated with the Edinburgh Festival are very strong this year. The national galleries have good shows but there are several independent galleries and collections open to view.

Ingelby Gallery on Calton Road has the first UK show by the brazilian artist Iran do Espírito Santo. The site specific work upstairs uses tones grey and white to exaggerate the sense of depth and play of light in the space.

Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture park at Bonnington House, 10 miles West of Edinburgh. The private collection is open until 12th September and has some terrific pieces from the likes of Anthony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker, Andy Goldsworthy and Charles Jencks. Well worth the a visit to see such a strong collection of contemporary work in Scotland.
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Iran do Espírito Santo
Iran do Espírito Santo

World’s Largest Tidal Turbine Unveiled…

August 13 2010 — by Iain Ruxton
The world's largest tidal turbine is about to be installed off Orkney, Scotland - here.

The UK is an island nation... relatively small in area but with loads of coast. Tidal energy is huge and predictable... high tide rocks up twice a day, every day. Surely putting effort into harnessing this as a means of generating electricity is a no-brainer?

Big Chill

August 12 2010 — by Clementine Rodgers
There were some great lighting installations at the Big Chill festival this year. There was a silent disco demarked by clusters of glowing colour changing cubes of light providing more than enough light to dance to! The 'Sonic Journeys' installation by Illusion consisted of 32 huge helium filled balloons clustered beneath a large tree half way up the hillside. The light intensity ebbed in response to the accompanying sound piece. People clustered around the installations like moths to a flame!
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Big Chill: Silent Disco
Big Chill: Silent Disco

Oslo Opera House

August 12 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
We were lucky enough to have a full front and back of house tour of the Oslo Opera House designed by Norwegian architects Snøhetta and opened in 2008. It is a very similar scale to the Copenhagen Opera House which we made with Henning Larsen Architects in 2005.

The relationship between the building and the water is very strong and creates a great public space. The main house contains a simple, elegant chandelier. The whole house is lit with LED - a very ambitious undertaking- with lighting design by the Engineering firm Ingeniør Per Rasmussen AS.
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Genetically Modified Fruit Flies Can Smell Light

August 10 2010 — by Tom Richardson

Phoenix Flowers

August 09 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
Our photographer friend Dave Morris recently found himself shooting a new landscaping project in Glasgow by 7N Architects and RankinFraser. These giant flowers - and the bright red paving from which they grow - definitely bring a cheerful eruption of colour to a spot otherwise overwhelmed by the massive M8 motorway roaring overhead.

The project has been picked up by several design and architecture blogs around the web - Fast Company, Contemporist, Arch Daily - and Jonathan Speirs is credited for the advice he offered 7N during its design.

You can also see more photos on the Dave Morris Photography project page.
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Lectures in South Africa August 2010

August 07 2010 — by Keith Bradshaw
Education | Events
Day one: lecture on the opening day of the 2010 Decorex show in Johannesburg. 'Conversations in Architecture' was a full day of presentations discussing the relationship between architecture, light and digital space. Next on to the University of Pretoria to discuss our approach to designing with light. New and emerging technologies were of particular interest to the mixed audience of student architects and engineers.
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Sunset over Johannesburg
Sunset over Johannesburg
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