Speirs + Major selected to work on New Campus Glasgow

July 12 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
Speirs + Major is pleased to announce its involvement in the winning scheme for New Campus Glasgow, a brand new ‘super campus’ formed from the amalgamation of three existing Glasgow colleges.

Our team, led by Atkins and including Imagination and Spence Associates, was selected by New Campus Glasgow Ltd to develop designs for the campus which will be built across two sites. We are responsible for developing the lighting vision as well as lighting concepts for the new buildings and public realm.

FX Design Magazine July 2010

July 07 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
in this month's FX design magazine Jill Entwistle reviews the Grand Mosque and Infinity Bridge, both winners of awards presented by the International Association of Lighting Designers. See the online article here.
FX Magazine July 2010
FX Magazine July 2010

Jewish Community Centre for London

July 05 2010 — by Clementine Rodgers
Speirs + Major has been appointed to help create a landmark building for the Jewish community in London. Designed by architects Liftschutz Davidson Sandilands, the JCC will be a facility for the Jewish population of London offering a programme of social, cultural and educational events.

Speirs + Major’s task is to provide creative yet appropriate lighting for key areas of the pavilion, piazza and tower building. The role also includes performing daylight and sunlight studies that will exploit the positive benefits of natural light.
Speirs + Major / Concept sketch, Jewish Community Centre for London
Speirs + Major / Concept sketch, Jewish Community Centre for London

S+M’s theme tune

June 30 2010 — by Satu Streatfield
Kraftwerk have been singing it since '78!

Kraftwerk Neonlicht

Neon lights
Shimmering neon lights
And at the fall of night
This city's made of light
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Antony Gormley’s ‘Breathing Room III’

June 29 2010 — by Satu Streatfield
Photoluminescent frames of cuboids glow eerily and intersect to create what appear to be 2-dimensional perspectival 'drawings' in light - drawings that you can walk into and get wonderfully disoriented in.

In effect, the space looks like a flat architectural drawing/diagram of itself - when you stand still and look at it you think you are seeing a 2D diagrammatic representation of a 3D space. The surprise comes when the slightest head movement reveals that it is in fact the 3D space you are looking at! It's like the surprise of opening a pop-up book!

It almost feels like (hesitantly) roaming around inside a retro computer game. Anyone seen that Simpsons episode where Homer falls into a parallel universe that's in 3D and completely freaks out...?! Anyway, the loss of depth perception is quite surreal and profoundly magical.

After all these legibility analyses, it's nice to see light used to render a space completely illegible! I could easily have spent a whole afternoon getting lost and confused in there.

(As Benz rightly pointed out though, it would have been even better if the walls had been painted black as well as the floor.)
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Sound Artists: Brandon Labelle and Finnbogi Petursson

June 29 2010 — by Satu Streatfield
Sound artist Brandon Labelle gave an interesting lecture at Somerset House last month. Apart from subjecting his audience to The Bee Gees' 'Night Fever' in its torturous entirety (twice!), he showed some very cool sound projects.

Icelandic artist Finnbogi Petursson creates beautifully hypnotic sound + light installations, using different frequencies of sound to project rippling patterns of water.

Check out his website and videos:
Finnbogi Petursson's website
Circle 1991, Finnbogi Petursson
Sphere 2003, Finnbogi Petursson

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Finnbogi Petursson's Sphere 2006 - Prefix, Toronto Canada
Finnbogi Petursson's Sphere 2006 - Prefix, Toronto Canada

Mondo*arc July 2010

June 24 2010 — by Jesse Lilley
"During an amazing night in Las Vegas, Speirs and Major achieved the seemingly impossible by scooping the IALD Radiance Award for the third year running in an international field."

Mondo*arc, July 2010.

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Light Stencil Urban Art

June 22 2010 — by Claudia Clements
Graffiti-ridden derelict sites have been given a much needed face-lift with extraordinary light art by Tigtab. Each image is created with the help of stencils. These intricate designs are revealed after a burst from a camera flash lights up the inside of the box. In this picture, a pond scene is created in a flooded derelict building. Much like Banksy, Tigtab, from Melbourne, Australia, keeps her identity a closely guarded secret. Tigtab creates her images using stencils. The stencils are placed on light boxes lined with silver foil. The intricate designs are revealed after a burst from a camera flash lights up the inside of the box very briefly. Tigtab moves around the room, tunnel or drain, repositioning the stencils and firing the flash repeatedly while the shutter of the camera is left open to create complex designs. The end result is so polished Tigtab said people often assume her work is computer generated. Check her out on Flickr!

Coronado Bridge competition - vote!

June 21 2010 — by Clementine Rodgers
We entered a competition to light Coronado Bridge in San Diego some time ago, and it has finally got to the public voting stage. Please go to this link and vote for the Peter Fink & Speirs+Major entry? Every vote counts.......

Moss Your City

June 18 2010 — by Iain Ruxton
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Speirs + Major have just helped out Norwegian architects PUSHAK with "Moss Your City" - an installation for the London Festival of Architecture.

PUSHAK have invaded the Architecture Foundation with a series of "green walls" - clad completely in living moss. The result is an amazing interior forest, engaging the senses of smell and touch as well as vision. By adding carefully programmed dynamic lighting, we've made the space even more enchanting and mysterious.

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