Iain to deliver closing paper to LED Forum in Brazil

June 09 2011 — by Iain Ruxton
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The Brazillian Association of Lighting Designers and Brazil's L+D Magazine are organising a two-day congress on LED lighting in architecture in Sao Paulo in August.

I'll be closing the conference with a paper referencing our experience and opinions on LEDs and LED luminaires, but will be getting away from the technical and doing some crystal-ball gazing. I'll be making some comparisons with the adoption of other game-changing technologies, from the internal combustion engine to the iPod.. and maybe even the good old Swann-Edison filament lamp...

Keith and Telli present to Figtree

May 13 2011 — by Telli Nourkeyhani
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We are constantly trying to push the boundaries of our collaborations and to create dialogues with as many disciplines as possible. Keith and I were therefore very excited to have the opportunity to give a presentation to Figtree and talk about how light can help brands communicate in a more effective and memorable way.

There’s nothing better than sharing your passion for design with a welcoming and enthusiastic audience after being treated to a very delicious homemade lunch!

Mark Major to speak at International Lighting Journey, Mexico

May 05 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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Mark Major has been invited to deliver a lecture as part of IES Mexico’s 13th International Lighting Journey, to be held from 1 – 3 June 2011 in Mexico City. The theme of the conference is ‘Beyond the lamp: Quality lighting for our environment’.

Mark will broaden this theme with his talk entitled ‘Light, People, Place’, which seeks to explore the changes artificial light has had on society, and will discuss moving away from ‘quantity’ in favour of ‘quality’ in order to create places for people after dark rather than simply filling space with light.

Jonathan Speirs invited to chair RIBA Wales awards jury

April 19 2011 — by Jesse Lilley
Jonathan Speirs has been invited by the RIBA to act as Jury Chair for the region of Wales in this year’s awards programme.

Awarded annually since 1966, the RIBA Awards are given for buildings that attain high architectural standards and make a significant contribution to the local environment.
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Keith Bradshaw gives talk at BIG

April 06 2011 — by Jesse Lilley
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Keith recently gave a light-themed lecture for architects at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in Copenhagen. The talk is part of a series of monthly lectures called The BIG Picture, in which outsiders are invited to share their knowledge with the practice. Keith revealed some of the themes that motivate our work along with the process by which it happens – all for two beers and a BIG pink book. Speirs + Major have teamed up with BIG on several projects and are enjoying the process of working together.

Clementine Rodgers speaks to University of Westminster students

March 10 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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Clementine Rodgers was invited to The University of Westminster on Wednesday 9th March to talk to the Interior Architecture BA second year students as part of their Design Economic module.

Clementine, who started out as an architecture student herself, spoke to the students about the route she took to move from architecutre into the specialist niche of lighting design. She gave them a general introduction to light – looking at daylight, sunlight and darkness as the fundamental education in light that can then be applied in lighting design – followed by an overview of the typical design process, from the initial client brief through to on-site completion, using the recently completed Jamie Oliver-run restaurant Barbecoa as the case study.
Barbecoa Restaurant
Barbecoa Restaurant

PLDC 2011

February 24 2011 — by Iain Ruxton
Education | Events
Satu and Iain will both be speaking at the Professional Lighting Design Convention 2011. The bi-annual event is to be held in Madrid in October and attracts over 1000 international delegates. Satu will be discussing masterplanning and strategies for urban lighting in a lecture entitled "Recasting the Night" and Iain will be exploring symbolism, signification and vocabulary of light in "The Meaning of Light – Towards an Illuminatory Semiotics".

Satu Streatfield to give talk in Lithuania

February 21 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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Satu Streatfield has been invited by Gaudrè, a lighting manufacturer in Vilnius, Lithuania, to deliver a series of lectures on Friday 4th March to an audience of architects and interior designers. Her talks will predominantly focus on urban lighting and the way in which new technologies and sustainability criteria are impacting cities after dark. She will include an overview of some of Speirs + Major’s projects, including Durham Light and Darkness Strategy, Greenwich Peninsula Lighting Strategy and Sackler Crossing to illustrate her arguments, and also hopes to have some time to speak informally about her inspirations, the love she has for light and why she thinks everyone else should love light too!

Mark Major to speak at SPARC, Australia

February 18 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
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Mark Major has accepted an invitation to be keynote speaker at SPARC International Lighting Event, Australia’s first major conference for the international lighting community, to be held in Sydney on June 6-8.

Mark’s talk, entitled ‘Light is for People’, will explore fundamental questions about electric light: its role, the benefits it brings and the consequences of using it – such as energy use, light pollution and adverse impacts on bio-diversity – and how the work of Speirs + Major not only embraces these ideas but also attempts to take the dialogue further through our work approach. Examples of this – from light masterplanning through to both large and small scale architectural projects – include the award winning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in London.

Mark will also showcase the new and exciting directions our practice has been taking in the world of branding and product development, which include working with the likes of Armani, Sony and the BBC, and how we are actively exploring new approaches, techniques and ways in which we can harness exciting, developing technologies to help meet our future needs.

Lightfair Conference 2011

February 11 2011 — by Jesse Lilley
Education | Events
Keith, Mark and Jonathan are keynote speakers at this year’s Lightfair conference held in Pennsylvania, USA. The subject of their talk, The Spirit of Light, will compare and contrast their use of light in two significant religious buildings, the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi and St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

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Details from St. Paul's Cathedral, London and the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi
Details from St. Paul's Cathedral, London and the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi
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