The Lights of the Kingdom

March 15 2012 — by Iain Ruxton
There's a fabulous blog post by Disney-obsessive "FoxxFur" here. She has a complete photosurvey of the light fittings at Disney World, Florida, with perceptive comments on how the forms of the various lights reinforces the theming. Nice bit of scholarship on the legendary attention to detail of all things Disney.

Spread the Ashes of the Colors- Megan Geckler

March 02 2012 — by Keith Bradshaw
Interesting time lapse showing creation of this piece by Megan Geckler. Simple relationships between colour, form and light

Light - the visible energy consumer?

December 15 2011 — by Iain Ruxton
Lovely short art video concerning the waste of energy caused by lights left on.

Nice. And we would generally agree with the agenda. However, light is always the visible building service... the easy target for the general public when it comes to energy. We'd love to see someone talking to the public about heating, air-conditioning, IT and all the other things in modern buildings that suck up power!

To light or not to light?

November 29 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Calls for Stonehenge to be lit at night has sparked wider discussion as to the necessity of lighting monuments, the BBC has reported. To read the whole article, go to the BBC website.
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Glowing brain tumours

November 01 2011 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
A new study to test the idea that glowing brain tumours may help surgeons operate has now begun in the UK. Patients are given a drug, 5-amino-levulinic acid, which causes the tumour to glow a flourescent pink. Researchers from the University of Cambridge hope this will more clearly mark the edges of the tumour, making it easier for surgeons to remove it in its entirety.

Mirazozo, Edinburgh Festival 2011

August 15 2011 — by Keith Bradshaw
Mirazozo, inspired by islamic architecture, by Architects of Air and Assembly 2011- an installation in George Square, as part of this year's Edinburgh Festival. A wonderful manipulation of natural light to creates strong saturated light and patterns.

Everything is a Remix

July 08 2011 — by Carrie Donahue Bremner
Ex nihilo nihil fit - Out of nothing comes nothing.

Remix - to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.

Part Three of a four part series by Kirby Ferguson Everything is a Remix reviews the remix of developing and creative ideas in music, movies and technology and the interconnectivness of ideas.

From Sheet to Form

July 07 2011 — by Iain Ruxton
Paul Jackson is a "folding consultant". (and artist). He has just published From Sheet to Form: Folding Techniques for Designers, which looks fabulous and inspiring. The videos are a good taster.

"Folding Consultant" is also a fantastic job title.

Search By Image

June 16 2011 — by Telli Nourkeyhani
Google has introduced an amazing new feature which allow searching by image. It obviously requires testing but our lives might have just become much easier!!!!

Luminous passage

June 10 2011 — by Telli Nourkeyhani
I came across this very simple yet beautiful installation on Suckerpunchdaily. A passage made of glowing lines of light links the city to the ocean along the waterfront in Santa Monica, California.

Starting with straight vertical lines and sharp edges and gradually shifting to twisted curves, it also forms a conceptual shift from the logics of the city to the fluidity of the ocean.

You can read more about the project and a Q+A with the architects here:

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