Mark interviewed in IALD “Lighting Conversations”

September 30 2015 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Mark took part in the IALD "Lighting Conversations" last night.

He was interviewed by Gerd Pfarré of Pfarré Lighting Design. They spoke about how Mark got into lighting design, his partnership with both Keith Bradshaw and the late Jonathan Speirs and explored some of our current projects and what we have planned for the future.

The interview was in front of a packed house at the Architekturegalerie in Munich.
Sackler Crossing was one of the projects which was spoken about. 
Copyright/ James Newton
Sackler Crossing was one of the projects which was spoken about. Copyright/ James Newton

You’re in the spotlight…

September 30 2015 — by Sam Tuck
A couple weeks ago ETC invited a group of us to their showroom to play around with a wide range of their theatrical fixtures. This was particularly fascinating as many of us have no theatrical lighting background...I think the photos show the (educational) fun we had.
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Night of Heritage Light

September 29 2015 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Education | Events | Inspiration
We are delighted to be involved in creating the Night of Heritage Light .
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I’m so fashionable…

September 28 2015 — by Sam Tuck
Although not being interested in fashion, I decided to jump on the Alexander Mcqueen bandwagon and witness the 'Savage Beauty' Exhibition at the V&A London. Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised. The exhibition was without a doubt one of the best and most artistically curated exhibitions I have seen. It was fascinating to see his flamboyant works and get a deeper understanding of how they were used to conceal a dark private life blighted by depression and battles with drink and drugs. It really is one of those exhibitions which everyone should see...fingers crossed they will bring it back (especially as photographs were not allowed!)

From concept to reality…

September 25 2015 — by Sam Tuck
I'm going to keep this one short as I feel the image talks for itself. Two images. One is concept. One is the final installation. Can you tell the difference? A Fantastic Darc Awards 2015. Bring on next year...
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City Walk Bridge

September 25 2015 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
The City Walk bridge connecting Sydney's CBD with the Barangaroo development is now open. Our graphic lighting emphasises the rhythm of Wilkinson Eyre's structural architecture.
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Arbonauts: The Desire Machine…

September 24 2015 — by Sam Tuck
A few weeks back we decided to visit 'The Desire Machine' by Arbonauts which they dubbed as a visual theatrical performance with an intense soundscape. Sounds good right? Unfortunately the expectations were not fulfilled. Being staged within the Brunel Tunnel Shaft the setting was unavailable, a real journey down the rabbit hole. However the actual performance was odd...although it had an interesting hypnotic quality it was certainly not immersive as they advertised. Not only were there too many people to allow you to move around and get a 360-degree experience but a lack of variety in the performance made it quite repetitive and dull. Saying that... being in the tunnel shaft was memorable, just not so much what was happening there.
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Down the rabbit hole…

September 23 2015 — by Sam Tuck
So...a few of us in the studio have a bit of a comic book obsession. What better way to celebrate this obsession than by creating our own comic! Since watching 'Rabbits' by David Lynch I've had a bit of a strange fixation about creating rabbit people for this comic. Yes...I get it, I'm weird.
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Iain speaking at Professional Lighting Summit

September 22 2015 — by Karina Armburg Jennings
Iain will be speaking at the ILP's Professional Lighting Summit.
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The Owls Are Not What They Seem…

September 22 2015 — by Sam Tuck
Ever since first watching Twin Peaks (which is is without a doubt the best TV series of ALL TIME) I have been obsessed with everything and anything Lynchian. His surreal cinematography, dreamy imagery and immersive sound design have captivated me for years. When I saw 'Lemonade and Laughing Gas' were creating an immersive dining experience inspired by the world of Twin Peaks I was speechless. Twin Peaks + Immersive Theatre + really was a dream come true. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try bizarre food and to leave all realms of reality behind for one night.
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