Light for People

February 23 2011 — by Keith Bradshaw
The subtle influence of one's inspiration upon one's work is very personal and difficult to see objectively. It shoud be of no great surpsise that inspiration for a designer working with a transient medium, such as light, can come from other transient elements such as natural light effects, cloud forms, shifting shadows and all aspects of light in a city. Less visual inspirations comes from the influence of the active or passive recipients of our 'designs with light'- People.

People do not just see light but also feel light. In designing with light (both natural and artificial) we need to have an empathy, understanding and sensitivity to human emotion. Films, literature and other art forms reveal much about the human condition and are therefore very valuable indirect influences on my work. Understanding more about people is as much value as understanding the context of one's work. Our potential to behave honestly and honourably and show to integrity and compassion are great sources of inspiration- these pure virtues are a simple and elegant means of inspiration that can only be felt when stood in lit space and are not possible to be seen in images.