No.10 / Top 10 lighting experiences: The Milky Way

April 06 2011 — by Jonathan Speirs
Banished from much of the developed world by excessive lighting to our cities and highways, I have seen the Milky Way on several occasions, but my best experience was on an island in the Great Barrier Reef in April 2005. Apart from providing great diving, the island was a research station and one evening there was a guided star tour by one of the scientists. About twenty people showed up for this and we all lay on our backs in a large clearing, and the entire sky was filled with this amazing mass of stars – one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

The Milky Way / Photo: Darren Kirby

The scientist had this great argon laser pointer with a highly visible beam with which he was able to literally point at individual stars and areas of the heavens (Got to get me one of those!).

A hugely strong experience and memory.

Jonathan Speirs