Top 10 lighting experiences to have before you die

April 06 2011 — by Jonathan Speirs
Ray Molony of Lux Magazine asked me to write a ‘top ten’ piece but left it up to me to decide the theme. It was interesting to start to consider what has had an impact on me over the years in terms of light experiences, and, because of my slightly strange sense of humour, I kept coming back to the idea of what my own ‘bucket list’ would be. Below, I share ten places, things or events that have been powerful personal experiences or which remain yet-to-be-achieved desires.

Some may appear obvious but hopefully not all. So, in no particular order …

No.1: The Pantheon, Rome
No.2: Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas
No.3: La Sainte Chapelle, Paris
No.4: The Lightning Field, New Mexico, USA
No.5: The Aurora Borealis
No.6: The Roden Crater, Arizona
No.7: The Chinati Foundation, Texas
No.8: The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp
No.9: The Kimbell Museum, Fort Worth, Texas
No.10: The Milky Way