71 Fenchurch Street

London, United Kingdom

Lloyd’s Register


Fletcher Priest Architects

Main Contractor - Exterior Works

Main Contractor - Interior Works
Quay Office Group

Custom Luminaire Contractor
Mike Stoane Lighting

James Newton

Architecture + Environment

71 Fenchurch Street is an architecturally significant glass and steel medium rise office building, refurbished in 2016 by Fletcher Priest Architects.

Invited to light the exterior entrance, courtyard and main reception, we composed a warm and welcoming scheme, the centrepiece of which is an installation of beautifully integrated bespoke pendants in the lobby atrium.

Outside, we improved the visibility and impact of the entrance, framing an enticing view of the building beyond. In the courtyard we balanced light and darkness to create a sense of place. We uplit the stone perimeter wall and the foliage above with warm white light to enhance the feeling of enclosure and privacy, and integrated light into benches and stairs to lead visitors through to the reception lobby.

Inside, our lighting is designed to improve the arrival experience and first impressions, while responding to the volume, rhythm and geometry of the architecture.

A rigorous design process was conducted to ensure the new pendants for the lobby were complementary to the architecture. We extruded the square ended forms from the spatial nodes inherent in the buildings geometry, and then elegantly suspended these on a primary frame that can be raised and lowered for maintenance. The lit effect on the floor can be varied from a strong grid to a softly dappled pattern, to bring out the natural grain and warm colour of the new wooden flooring.

We developed two further bespoke products for the lighting of the vaulted ceilings, adapting the existing chilled beam luminaires and creating a complimentary suspended direct/indirect luminaire for an improved and consistent quality of light.

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