Armani Ginza Tower

Tokyo, Japan


Fuksas Architects

Executive Architect
Nishimori Architects

Edmund Sumner

Nakasa and Partners


Award of Merit, IIDA Awards, 2008

Outstanding Achievement, AL Light & Architecture Design Awards, 2008

Best Lighting Design, FX Awards, 2008

International Project, The Lighting Design Awards, 2009

Best Lighting Design, Scottish Design Awards, 2009
Leisure and Retail

Architecture + Environment

Armani Ginza Tower is a series of projects under a single skin: two levels of Emporio Armani, three level of Giorgio Armani Store, a high end destination restaurant, a Prive, a standalone Spa and the headquarters of Giorgio Armani Japan.

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s high end retail district, and strategically important to Armani’s global brand development, this project was highly ambitious and challenged us on many levels to deliver a composed and refined lit project.

While the different areas and brands are clearly differentiated, the tones and qualities of light we brought to the project are designed to create a synergy between the individual areas, and make a singular statement on the building facade.

The concept of a bamboo forest with golden ‘stems’ and ‘leaves’, extends over the entirety of the 12-story façade, realised in the delicate use of light and silhouette. Appearing on the inside and outside of the building, the elements are balanced to appear as a single composition, with the leaves appearing to shimmer ‘in the wind’ under a golden light.

The leaf motif is used as a ceiling feature elsewhere, creating a focal point that suggests it is the main source of light in the Giorgio Armani store levels. Golden mesh inlaid into glazed dividers, lit from above, creates the impression of floating fabric, which varies in apparent solidity depending on how the intensity of the light is adjusted. Light to the golden perimeter walls the space and provides a luxurious backdrop to the lit merchandise, highlighted by a custom slot system, detailed with cover plates such that all light is delivered through pin holes in the ceiling.

The Emporio Armani brand, targeted toward a younger demographic, is lit with a high contrast, nightclub feel. Light behind polished black walls appears through fine slits and subtly dims and intensifies in a series of waves. This effect is multiplied by means of layers of reflection in the shiny surfaces.

The intimate restaurant and bar spaces again reprise the bamboo theme from the facade. The dappled golden light of a bamboo leaf is presented in micro perforated details and light patterns projected on to the floor in the restaurant and tables in the bar area.

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