Barbecoa Restaurant

London, United Kingdom


Interior Architect
Design Research Studio

James Newton
Leisure and Retail

Architecture + Environment

Located in London’s One New Change in the shadow of St. Paul’s, this new venture between chefs Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang celebrates the relationship between meat and fire with char-grilled dishes from all over the world. The interior and the lighting both play a part in translating the culinary theme into a warm and vibrant atmosphere for diners.

Speirs + Major worked closely with Design Research Studio – Tom Dixon’s interior and architectural design studio – and Jamie Oliver Restaurants to ensure that the lighting revealed and exploited the colour and texture of the rich charcoal finishes, cracked-mud walls, tactile brickwork and gleaming brass.

Tom Dixon’s own decorative fittings were used throughout, including Pipe Light, which is suspended in clusters around the double height restaurant, and the designer’s brass Void and glass Light Bead fittings which are used in the bar area; the fittings use incandescent light sources to cast an attractive warm glow.

The client was keen for the restaurant to have impeccable green credentials. To balance the energy equation, LED fittings were used for downlighting and accent lighting, and to reveal the textures of the walls and square columns. In order to produce an appropriate warmer colour temperature than the LEDs could provide, a warm filter was incorporated into the downlights over the dining areas, creating a mellow candlelight effect.

The low energy theme was continued with the decorative galvanised steel cylinders fixed to the ceiling above the flexible seating area, each of which houses a single LED fitting, and the warm white fluorescents which light the exposed galvanised steel pipework visible above the kitchen.

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