Gardermoen Airport

Oslo, Norway

Ingenior Per Rasmussen AS


Ivan Brodey

Espen Solli


Highly Commended, Leisure Project of the Year, Lighting Design Awards, 2018

Award of Merit, IES Awards, 2018

Architecture + Environment

With a focus on customer experience and sustainability, the extension to Oslo’s Gardermoen airport is designed to capture as much natural light as possible. Where changes in the weather and natural seasonal transitions begin to reduce its availability, the artificial lighting system smoothly and imperceptibly steps in

Our aim was to create a system that works holistically to deliver a sense of ‘good light’, with no perceivable distinction between artificial and natural conditions. This delivers a consistently pleasant and uplifting environment that is connected to the surrounding natural environment, making the transition to a new city or country smoother and more enjoyable. It compensates for loss of daylight where needed, and dims down to save energy whenever possible.

The artificial light adjusts itself in response to shifts in both level and colour temperature, ranging from 3000K to 6000K over the course of the day and across the seasons. The artificial light sources are integrated and concealed where possible, supporting both the clean minimalist approach of the design and the blurred distinction between natural and artificial conditions.

We provided supplementary light to the concourses for ease of circulation, with gentle uplight to the ceilings to lift the appearance of the space. A series of technical shafts feature backlit perforated metal create graphic visual landmarks.

Our design also makes use of the colour temperature of light as an intuitive language in the airport, aiding transition and wayfinding in the hours of darkness. Noticeably cooler and fresher colour temperatures on the bridges and exterior areas surrounding the new North Pier mark the transition to and from airside, leading to the warm welcome of the interior terminal spaces where downlighting and indirect lighting to the wooden ceiling is tuned to 3000K.

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