Gasholders London

King's Cross, London, United Kingdom

King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership


Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Landscape Architect
Dan Pearson Studio

Interior Architecture for the Apartments
Jonathan Tuckey Design

Structural Engineers

Environmental / M&E Engineers
Hoare Lea

Peter Landers

James Newton


Lighting Design of the Year, FX Awards, 2018

Architecture + Environment

The play of light and shade reveals the industrial architecture and enhances the contemporary interiors of this residential development set within three historic cast-iron gasholder frames in London. Light creates a strong external identity that clarifies the circular geometries. The interior lighting provides a warm and welcoming ambience to the sequence of spaces that lead to the apartments and optimises the use of daylight.

Highlighting the detail in the beautiful structures, we grazed warm light up the front face of each of the light grey columns. Crucially, this light is precisely directed at the architecture and not into the windows through the use of miniature lensed sources held in position by magnets. The central space that connects the three buildings is the brightest element in the tableau, forming the metaphorical heart of the scheme. From further back, the warm positively lit frames sit in dramatic and beautiful counterpoint to the silhouette of the adjacent Gasholder Park.

Inside the atria, we used a simple concealed wash of light to the circular walls to support the experience of looking up to the sky, punctuating this with elegant cylindrical entrance lights at each apartment. The wash light is programmed to respond to colour and level changes in the natural light, supplementing and balancing this in a complementary way. Bespoke individual lanterns in the atria and roof gardens help to humanise the vast spaces. Designed to bring a sense of personal light at a relatable scale, they emit a very warm toned cosy light that encourages residents to socialise, while also hinting the gas once contained in the frame.

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