Harley Gallery, Welbeck Estate

, United Kingdom

Welbeck Estate


Hugh Broughton Architects

Exhibition Design
John Ronayne

Structural Engineers
Price & Myers

Services Engineers

Landscape Architects
Dominic Cole Landscape Architects

Design Managers
Malcolm Reading Consultants
Museums and Exhibitions

Architecture + Environment

The Harley Gallery by Hugh Broughton Architects is a new addition to the 15,000-acre Welbeck Estate, set within a central courtyard, in a redundant structure previously used for training racehorses.

Our approach to the lighting reflects that of the architecture - beautifully minimalist and modern, whilst sympathetic to the historical context of the 5000-piece art collection it is designed to house. Diffuse natural light is blended with elegantly integrated accent lighting, bringing out the warmth in the materials and the heritage paint colours.

The exterior lighting is carefully composed to welcome visitors, enhancing the character of the space and aiding legibility. Uplighting to the natural stone of the retained ‘Gallops’ wall visually merges the exterior with the interior, while downlights integrated into the floating roof smooth the gradient of light at the threshold.

Internally the two gallery spaces differ distinctly in character.

The Long Gallery with its lofty cycloidal barrel vault ceiling is filled with diffuse natural light. We added two custom-made suspended linear profiles that run the length of the space, housing flexible spotlighting to the paintings, as well as uplighting to the ceiling as natural light fades.

The second gallery contains a darkened, low-ceiling height area reserved for the most light-sensitive items. Here, we added discreet deep-recessed downlights to provide low-key circulation lighting, and integrated the majority of the lighting into the display cases for localised effect and to protect items from UV exposure.

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