Heritage Retail Conversion

Birmingham, United Kingdom


James Newton
Leisure and Retail

Architecture + Environment

Our client invited us to create the lit image for their flagship technology store, which is set within the lofty volumes of a Grade-II listed former bank building.

We composed a lighting scheme that aids a natural understanding of the space, giving prominence to products, people and service elements, while creating a crisp ambience. The historic architecture is subtly enhanced, giving it new relevance as the backdrop to the brand experience.

The client was looking for a real sense of community in the design, as well as a functioning retail space. By making use of different relative luminance levels across the key building and store elements, along with differing tones of white light, our design helps to improve legibility and humanise the grandiose spaces. Light draws people through, providing gentle and intuitive guidance, while also putting them at ease.

The glowing pendants are a prominent feature of the space. These were a collaborative effort between the client and design team. Successfully merging with the historic interior, the design is both decorative and highly practical. Custom designed LED modules and dedicated optics enables the pendants to provide the bulk of the functional light for the space – both up and down.

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