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Architecture + Environment

May 2018 saw the launch of Hide, a new restaurant and bar collaboration between Hedonism Wines and Michelin-star winning chef, Ollie Dabbous.

Situated in Mayfair and overlooking Green Park, Hide is a sanctuary from the bustle of the city - refined, relaxed, and homely. Light supports a natural environment across the three floors of the restaurant, enhancing the materials of the rustic interior and enlivening the space with warmth, texture and sparkle.

The quality of the light of Hide demonstrates the benefit of our early collaboration and full integration with the interior design team. Our design uses light sources that are largely concealed or built into the furniture: visible only where their form and materials contribute aesthetically to the design. Brightness is carefully managed so that no light source appears overwhelming or intrusive, maximising comfort and familiarity, while maintaining an appropriate sense of privacy. Concealed, close set grazing light flows over selected elements, revealing their homespun textures and tactility, from the wildflower design of the hand-cast plaster panels to the sparkle of the glassware in the oversize kitchen-style cabinetry.

Each of the different dining experiences available on the three levels of Hide has a tailored lit approach, with adjustments to light levels and contrast that suit the mood of each space.

Hide also features three playfully styled private dining rooms. In the Reading Room and the Broken Room, we created a gentle fade of focus that gradually shifts the emphasis to reveal a selection of unique features over the course of a meal. In the Shadow Room we included miniature image projectors to create shadow projections of fantasy figures behind diners, creating a delightful sense of theatre that underpins the fanciful nature of the private dining rooms.

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