In Lumine Tuo

Utrecht, Netherlands


Art Consultant
Marijke Jansen

Project Manager
Kees Van De Lagemaat

City Engineer
Arthur Klink

James Newton


Outstanding Achievement, AL Light & Architecture Design Awards, 2013

Winner, Lighting Design, FX Awards, 2013

Special Mention, Architizer A+ Awards, 2013

International Project, Lighting Design Awards, 2014

Radiance Award, IALD Awards, 2014

Award of Merit, IES Awards, 2014
Arts and Education

Architecture + Environment

On Thursday 11 April 2013 our unique light installation, In Lumine Tuo, was switched on by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix to officially open the celebrations for the tri-centenary of the Treaty of Utrecht.

For this commission-winning concept, we used light as a narrative tool to connect the iconic 14th Century 112m high Dom Tower with neighbouring Dom Church (St Martin’s Cathedral) and Dom Square in an entrancing tableau.

Our idea began as an abstract view of these elements as valued members of society within the context of the city and dealings with our contemporary understanding of the history of Utrecht through the analogies of Body, Communication, Memories, Life.

Light would allow them to become living breathing entities, able to communicate their memories to each other and to the people, recalling the layers of history that have defined the city. Character, historical and cultural significance informed our approach to each element.

The light for the Cathedral is subtle and comes from within, with the outside faces kept relatively dark creating a lantern effect. Conversely, the Tower, visible from many parts of the city, is the dynamic showpiece. As the communicator of the narrative it is illuminated in a dramatic style to set off the gothic architecture.

We designed the static image of the piece to be breathtaking, but the true nature of the piece is revealed every fifteen minutes when, in time with the Tower’s clock, a light sequence begins. The three elements begin to slowly ‘breathe’ in unity, light establishing the connection between them. The play of light accelerates and memories, represented as bursts of light, appear to ascend the Dom tower through the arch, balconies and bell tower. The sequence culminates just before the striking of the clock with a finale in the lantern, where the memories cluster and multiple flashes of light and shadow are unleashed to the sound of the pealing of bells.

To complement the work, Utrecht’s carillonist Malgosia Fiebig composed a special piece entitled ‘…Videmibus lumen’ which was played for the first time in a special concert for the royal family.

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