London, United Kingdom


Lifschutz Davidson Architects

James Newton

Nina Sologubenko
Arts and Education

Architecture + Environment

The Jewish Community Centre (JW3) required of us a lighting scheme that was at once hard-wearing and cost effective, but also a refined and appealing response to the architectural rhythm of the building.

Our approach was to develop a series of distinct languages of light for each of the primary activity spaces, each helping to provide spatial legibility and way-finding assistance through the multi-functional building.

We designed a simple but pragmatic solution for the classroom lighting. A linear trunking system sits within each of the coffers, keeping the lighting and control equipment in a clean line on the exposed concrete soffit, and avoiding visible conduit. Regular rhythm ensures a consistent wash of light onto the concrete downstand beams.

The circulation routes are softly illuminated by light reflected from the concrete coffers, using concealed uplights within a suspended track system.

In the café, restaurant and bar spaces, we created soft pools of light for a more interesting, higher contrast visual scene. To create this, we repeated the classroom trunking detail adding integrated lengths of track to provide flexibility for the spotlight locations.

At the main entrance, for both decorative appeal and to subtly indicate the buildings function, we designed a feature custom pendant. A cluster of linear triangular pendants, suspended close together at staggered heights, form the shape of the Jewish Star when viewed from below and suggest the golden warmth of candlelight in the menorah.

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