La Nuvola (the Cloud), EUR Congressi

Rome, Italy

EUR S.p.a. / Comune di Roma


Fuksas Architects

AI Engineering

Maurizio Marcato

PA Images


Award of Merit, IES Awards, 2017

Special Mention, Architizer A+ Awards, 2017
Museums and Exhibitions

Architecture + Environment

Set within the historic EUR district of Rome, a new 55,000 m2 convention centre designed by Studio Fuksas was inaugurated on 29 October 2016.

Our lighting design is a celebration of the exuberant scale of the building, and the translucency, light and openness that characterise it. We created a stunning nighttime identity, coupling this with an immersive experience that explores the essential nature of a cloud.

Our focus was on revealing and enhancing the distinctive organic nature of the iconic "Cloud" structure in juxtaposition to the rigidly orthogonal steel and glass outer envelope of the building ("Theca"). Taking a macro view on the project, we conceived of the idea that the Cloud would be "self-illuminated", such that it would behave as if it were a gigantic single source of light. The resulting glowing light-form appears to hover ethereally within the Theca, drawing the eye through the glazed screen and creating a fabulous external tableau. Even better, the design of this thematic lighting effect also provides the majority of the pragmatic light needed for the functional operating of the centre.

The dynamic, shifting, tonal nature of clouds added another dimension to our design. We added subtle texture to the lighting of the "Cloud", using continuous variation in the tones of white light combined with carefully designed shadowing that makes use of the complex three dimensional steelwork. This deliberately understated animation brings huge depth to the experience of the space, and supports the sensation of what it might be like to walk in a cloud.

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