Medius House

London, United Kingdom

Deerbrook Group



Jonathan Coles Lighting Design Ltd

Main Contractor

Electrical Contractor
Bridgegate Electrical

Morley von Sternberg

Architecture + Environment

Medius House is a recent collaboration with architects ORMS. The project, sited on Wardour Street in Soho, London is a Grade 2 listed warehouse conversion that was originally the home of the printing and bookbinding department of Novello Music. ORMS set out to transform the entrance, atrium and lift lobbies of the building to create a space that would attract new media tenants.

We used light as a means to link the historic spaces, while bringing visual cohesion and aiding wayfinding, layering in texture and shadow to create a memorable experience.

On entering the space, we provided a visual link between the entrance and lift lobby by washing the walls with light. This emphasises a linear axis, helping people to orient themselves and navigate the space.

Moving into the atrium, dappled shadows encourage visitors to look up and appreciate the unique suspended installation, “Chorus”, created by the contemporary artist Susie MacMurray. Cool directional light flows over the hundreds of pieces of used sheet music from above, highlighting the sheets of music while creating the shadows that make reference to the interwoven layers of sound that exist within music itself. The surrounding exposed brick walls are left deliberately dark, allowing light spill from the offices to create an atmosphere that recalls the time when the building served as a publishing house.

As a warm counterpoint to the cool ‘daylight’ of the atrium, we commissioned custom music sheet pendant luminaires, designed in collaboration with Jonathan Coles. These provide focal points and also lend a sense of human scale to the large space.

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