Mersey Gateway Bridge

Halton, United Kingdom

Mersylink Consortium


James Newton

Fireworks Photography
Mersylink Consortium

Architecture + Environment

At 2.13 kilometres long and with the tallest of its three towers topping out at 125 metres, the Mersey Gateway is a vast river crossing, situated in a partially rural location.

Designed to be a landmark piece of infrastructure, we designed the lighting of this bridge to reflect its huge potential for expression - from elegance to exuberance – incorporating a tremendous amount of versatility within the permanent lighting scheme.

Precision lighting of the soaring pylons in cool white provides a beautifully refined every day lit image. With the built-in ability to change both colour and effect, the scheme also offers endless civic lighting possibilities, to mark specific local, national and world events. For the spectacular grand opening on Friday 13th October 2017, we had the privilege of designing a customised light show. Spectators were treated to a fabulous sequence of colours and movement, as fireworks filled the autumn sky behind.

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