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NightShift is a temporary immersive installation that we created for the 2016 darc awards. It explores how artificial light contributes to the personal experience of urban space.

As a pedestrian moves through the urban space at night, the dark sky provides a uniform backdrop for miscellaneous layers of artificial lighting. From the soft glow of streetlights to the stark flicker of the fluorescent lit convenience store, these layers encompass unique light qualities: colour, intensity, contrast, direction and movement. It is the build-up of these layers that form the character of any given space and it is these characters that create personal connections to the city at night.

To create the installation we took snapshots of artificial light from the city, and fractured them as a means of deconstructing the lit character of the city. These layers of illumination were then projected into a cube through a single, simple prism. The shafts of light filtered through a soft haze, reflected by mirrored walls and played on the viewers within the space. We used sound to heighten the experience and help guide emotions, combining with the light to create a beguiling illusion of depth, mystery and magic.

As a narrative based on the qualities of urban light, NightShift was designed to trigger recall of personal sensations and memories. Viewers found themselves experiencing a physical and psychological response that was at once stimulating, and yet strangely familiar.

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