Salisbury Garden, Victoria Dockside

New World Development Company Limited


Landscape Architect
James Corner Field Operations

Local Landscape Consultant
Urbis Limited

Local Architect
Ronald Lu & Partners

Jackie Chan


Award of Merit, HKILA Design Awards, 2018

Architecture + Environment

Sometimes, in order to see light, one must be in darkness.

In the vibrant energetic buzz that is Hong Kong at night, light is ever present.

The design of the light at Salisbury Garden is based around a simple, singular intention: to keep the large public lawn as a place of sanctity with no light. In doing so, the lawn becomes a serene setting where one can truly appreciate the views to the skyline of Hong Kong Island. Outside of the lawn, the majority of light for the garden is designed to come from vertical surfaces, creating the sensation of being safely wrapped in light.

Pedestrian areas are lit discreetly. The lawn edge sits on a halo of perimeter light, with landscape features revealed and celebrated through a gentle complement of light. Idiosyncratic features, such as sculpted green planters and a matrix of digital lights set within green walls add character to the extraordinary setting. After dark, the composition of lit and unlit features sits comfortably together to create a new unmissable experience - a calm sanctuary that is a welcome counterpoint to the bright lights of the city.

All light sources used in the Garden are LED, mounted with weatherproof, marine resistant enclosures. Balanced lighting scenes can be adjusted using a fully automated lighting management system.

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