Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport

London, United Kingdom


Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Interior Designer
Din Associates

James Newton

Architecture + Environment

Designed to boost Heathrow’s capacity by 30 million passengers, the single-span Terminal 5 building was the largest in the UK when built.

We were commissioned in July 2000 to solve the numerous challenges of cohesively lighting a range of external and internal spaces, including entry roads, car parks, bus and rail stations, terminal buildings and a new air traffic control tower.

We developed our lighting solution through two routes. First, we took a holistic approach, and created a masterplan of the lit image of the entire T5 campus. Secondly we looked at evolving ways to ensure the proper delivery of the system for each individual area of the project.

Our primary objectives were to maximise the use of daylight, assist with the routing of passengers, support wayfinding, provide general illumination for flexible spaces, and develop a distinct character for each key area.

We also had some secondary aims which included facilitating the strategy for general signage, supporting the objectives of the retail schemes, integrating with the requirements for commercial displays and providing the opportunity for change and spectacle.

All these aims had to carefully balanced with a wide range of design criteria, including the need to maintain a safe and secure environment, meet energy targets, consider buildability and make sure that the lighting system would be both robust and easy to maintain.

Despite its massive scale, our final scheme for Terminal 5 demonstrates how a simple, well-devised design strategy can be carefully communicated over a long period across a wide range of contractors and suppliers to achieve a consistent quality of both light and detail.

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