CREE Aeroblades


Cree, Inc


Exterior Luminaire of the Year, Lux Awards, 2012

Finalist, FX Awards, 2012

Product + Innovation

Aeroblades is a modular LED-based urban lighting system designed for renowned innovators in LED light sources, Cree.

Our inspiration for this project stemmed from that fact that achieving optimum performance from LEDs relies on them being kept as cool as possible. This requirement has led others to add heat sinks into the back of conventional fitting forms, but rather than this we decided to start our design from first principles again.

We began with the light source and made the whole surface of the fixture work to cool the LEDs. The resulting fixture unifies both aesthetics and performance, and creates a striking new form for urban lighting.

The system has been designed to be as versatile as possible, so that it can be tailored to suit almost any urban environment. Utilising a modular system of blades enables the luminaires to be sized to produce the required light output. A range of over twenty NanoOptics offers a huge variety of different beam distributions, with a number of different driver, control and mounting options for further flexibility.

As part of the development, we produced a graphic identity for the product range covering the marketing, brochures and logo. This identity was built on the same simple and clean design principles of the product. During the marketing campaign we also produced a series of web videos, which gradually revealed the product and communicated a new understanding of how an urban street light can look and should perform.

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