Aldermanbury Square Linear Lighting System

London, United Kingdom


Mike Stoane Lighting

Eric Parry Architects

James Newton

Product + Innovation

Simplicity was the keynote for the lighting of this multi-award-winning office and public space development in the City of London. As part of the overall lighting design, Speirs + Major worked with Eric Parry Architects and manufacturer Mike Stoane Lighting to produce a flexible luminaire tailored especially for the space.

The challenge
The challenge was how to provide local illumination to the seating and reception areas with fittings that would match the furniture and finishes, and that would not interfere with the use of the space. The architect wanted a 'domestic' feel to the seating areas, so the AR111 light source was chosen as it could be directional, dimmable and provide a warm soft quality of light.

The lighting
The lighting element is very simple – a row of adjustable downlights in each luminaire. The form of the pendants was also carefully considered to help create an identity for the space – as each luminaire is unique with its own shape and curvature.

Several elements, including a massive tapestry, had already been designed by the architects to create an impact. The light fittings were similarly intended to bring a special character to the project – demonstrating how a carefully detailed architectural element such as a pendant can fulfil other roles beyond illumination.

The redevelopment by Eric Parry Architects has won Civic Trust and BCO awards, and was shortlisted for the 2009 Stirling Prize.

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