Burj Khalifa Boulevard Column

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Development + Manufacture

Product + Innovation

One of the most ambitious urban schemes that Speirs + Major has become involved with is the public realm lighting for Downtown Dubai. At the heart of the development towers the 828m-high Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

The project called for specially designed public lighting, specifically a column that could be applied to both street and pedestrian lighting within an area encircled by Emaar Boulevard. Our design led to the production of 190 highway columns and 270 shorter pedestrian columns, installed on primary routes.

A key aim was to respond to the proportions of the tower, creating a visual echo of the Burj’s form and scale. At 18m the street light is undoubtedly tall, but well proportioned against the world's highest building. The conical column tapers upwards to a point and perforates the lateral cross arm on one side.

Quality of construction and finish was paramount. The column features a blend of different steel finishes: brushed stainless steel is used for the main body, while the cross arm is mirror polished. The mirror-finished inside face is etched with a contemporary-style Arabic pattern that picks up on the graphic leitmotif found throughout the whole site. This patterning and mix of textures were designed to give visual interest to the columns, especially at pedestrian level, the motif appearing denser at this level and gradually fading as it reaches the cross arm.

The street light versions have two luminaires with 150W metal halide lamps providing warm white light. In the early morning hours one fitting switches off to save energy, with the luminaires alternating so that the lifespan for each remains balanced. The pedestrian-scale fitting has one luminaire. The result is a refined and carefully detailed design which fully reflects the prestige of its setting.

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