HBOS Chandelier

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Marzorati Ronchetti

Paul Zanre

Product + Innovation

The ambitious refurbishment of HBOS’s historic headquarters in the heart of Edinburgh included the restoration of the Great Hall – a grand double-storey space which had been split into two during a previous reworking of the building. Speirs and Major worked with Malcolm Fraser Architects on the lighting of the whole project.

The size and proportions of the Great Hall made it very clear that a feature piece was required to make sense of the volume, and a chandelier was the obvious solution.

The architectural approach to the building taken by Malcolm Fraser’s team was to skilfully blend old and new, refurbishing the historic fabric, but making new insertions crisp and contemporary, so Speirs and Major took a similar approach to the chandelier.

The final chandelier is 3m in diameter and almost 4m from top to bottom and weighs 860kg. All the metalwork is mirror-polished stainless steel. The 36 pieces of curved laminated glass each have a unique etched pattern and are up to 1200mm x 500mm. The chandelier contains 80 tungsten halogen lamps split into 4 dimming circuits. Its effect is complemented by various other light sources in the room, in order to compose a deceptively complex set of lighting scenes.

The result is a signature piece in the building, clearly visible from outside when illuminated. It serves to emphasise the grandeur of the space and to create a sense of occasion at the meetings and receptions held in the Hall.

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