HBOS Linear System

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Mike Stoane Lighting

Paul Zanre

Product + Innovation

The ambitious refurbishment of HBOS’s historic headquarters in the heart of Edinburgh included a number of open office areas and meeting rooms. In keeping with Malcolm Fraser Architects’ approach of making contemporary insertions in the historic interiors, Speirs + Major designed a bespoke suspended linear system able to perform various lighting tasks.

Based around an aluminium extrusion with a series of lighting equipment inserts and cover plates, the units are finished in mirror-polished stainless steel, which has the effect of minimising their visual impact by reflecting the surroundings.

In the open office areas, the system forms rectangular frames and linear units that conceal the various elements for fluorescent downlighting, cold-cathode uplighting, and low-voltage halogen spotlights for artworks on the walls.

In meeting rooms, frames are created above meeting tables, containing two colours of cold-cathode uplighting, and warm incandescent downlighting and spotlighting to artworks. These frames hold a series of glass blades to create a suspended raft.

In both versions, small LEDs for emergency lighting along with their batteries and charging circuitry are also integrated. All light sources are dimmable by means of DALI data, with all ballasts, transformers and inductive dimmers contained within the system itself, allowing a single power feed into each frame along with control data, minimising the need for cabling and bulky external control equipment in a building where services space was under great pressure.

The result is a clean contemporary system which is deceptively simple in appearance but which delivers multiple lighting functions effectively in spaces which are architecturally and functionally complex.

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