Devonshire Square Pendants

London, United Kingdom


Product Designer
Speirs + Major

Mike Stoane Lighting

James Newton
Leisure and Retail

Product + Innovation

Among the key aims of the Devonshire Square project was the desire to make the new restaurant terrace a focal point of the development, and to create a more intimate space for diners within an otherwise voluminous courtyard.

Our concept called for the use of an array of pendants to cover the dining area. These would both create a human-scale datum, and provide focused lighting to the tables.

The unique nature, scale and proportion of the Grade II-listed space necessitated a customised design for these pendants, which we developed intensively over a two-month period.

Working drawings were then passed to specialist manufacturer Mike Stoane Lighting for engineering, prototyping and production.

The resulting pendants are 3.2m high, slender cylinders that respond to the tall, thin proportions of the courtyard. They consist of two layers: a course, rusted steel outer layer of mesh which references the industrial heritage of the warehouse buildings that form the courtyard, and a fine bronze gauze cylinder within, suited to the refined restaurants below.

The inner cylinder is uplit to make the whole core of the pendant glow. Very warm light was used to give the structure a candle-lit quality and to contrast with the wash of dappled blue light across the courtyard.

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