Skylon Restaurant Chandelier

London, United Kingdom


Interior Design
Conran and Partners

James Newton
Leisure and Retail

Product + Innovation

This chandelier was designed as a series of five that formed a centerpiece for the Skylon Restaurant in the Grade I-listed Royal Festival Hall.

Taking our inspiration from the ‘Net & Ball’ pattern by architects Peter Moro and Leslie Martin, we set out to ensure the design was in keeping with their Modernist interiors. Designed in collaboration with Conran + Partners, and manufactured by Mike Stoane Lighting, the warm glowing form of the chandelier has become synonymous with the restaurant’s identity.

The net is referenced in the hundreds of bronze-anodised fins that are arrayed around the elliptical light-emitting core. The core itself conceals dual light sources that allow the colour of light to be changed through the day, beginning with cool white light during daylight hours, and cross fading to amber light during the evening. Separate control over uplighting and downlighting also allows emphasis to be moved from the architecture during the day, down to the tables during the evening.

For the Skylon Restaurant the chandeliers were installed onto winches so that they could be lowered to add to the sensation of coziness during the winter months. In summer, they can be lifted again for a more airy feel.

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