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This product is the happy outcome of the rigorous questioning that forms part of our design process.

While working on the design for the multi-story decked car park of the Bluewater retail park, we reviewed an outline scheme that suggested that for every bay of six car parks, six linear fluorescent products would be required to meet the required light levels and uniformity. Convinced that this did not represent an efficient way to light the space yet unable to find a means to achieve an alternative solution, we were inspired to rethink the form of these fixtures.

With a circular shape and improved distribution we calculated that it would be possible to use three larger fixtures in the place of six, saving the client a significant amount on cabling. The unusual circular shape would also make a contribution by way of a unique identity for the car park.

Impressed by the crystalline polycarbonate construction of their recently launched FT Bulkhead, we approached lighting manufacturer Zumtobel together with the client Lend Lease, with a view to collaborating on developing our concept as a circular version of this fitting.

We provided conceptual sketches for the design of the product and a brief on its required performance, which was then developed and executed by Zumtobel.

The resulting product is a highly efficient circular housing of crystal-clear, high-impact polycarbonate with an inner prismatic structure and a translucent white reflector. It remains a best selling item in Zumtobel’s product range, and is now available in both fluorescent and LED versions.

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