Barangaroo Lighting Vision

Sydney, Australia


Landscape Architect
Aspect Studios
Arts and Education

Strategy + Branding

Barangaroo is a major mixed-use development situated right in the heart of the city of Sydney, and is the single largest construction project of its type in Australia. It has been designed to transform an area of derelict and inaccessible waterfront into an important and vital new part of the city.

We were part of the original bid team in 2008 and started work on the project in 2010.

We created a ‘Lighting Vision’ for the whole site that focuses on the magic of being on the waterfront. We sought to create a variety of vibrant and celebratory after-dark experiences, combining dense urban places with darker natural open spaces, and routes where light is used theatrically to enhance the experience of the unique setting.

Our scheme focuses on keeping light levels as low as possible without compromising safety and security. This includes a deliberate gradual reduction in light intensity as you approach the waterfront, allowing the eye to adapt to the lower levels so that visitors can best enjoy the waterfront reflections and intimate al fresco dining.

We continue to be actively involved with the design of the public realm and are also currently working on a number of exciting architectural projects on the site, including the three Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners designed commercial towers that form a major part of the development. Mark Major is also a member of the Barangaroo Arts Advisory Panel.

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