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Light and materials create a magical underwater world for skincare brand Biotherm.

The luxury brand Biotherm, from L’Oreal, is founded on the skincare benefits of thermal plankton found in pure spring water. Working with the in-house design team, Speirs + Major were asked to consider how light could be used to enhance the brand image at its concept store in Hong Kong. The resulting combinations of light and materials suggest a space that exists just below the surface of water, immersing visitors in the fundamental brand concept.

The aquatic feel in the store is achieved in layers. Speirs + Major proposed a long, sinuous ceiling boom covered in polished folded aluminium that shimmers in response to light, creating a material evocative of water. Above the ceiling boom light draws attention beyond the shimmering surface giving the sensation of viewing the sky from underwater. Fibre optics embedded in a poured resin floor evoke luminescent coral, sparkling under the floor. Consultation areas and private treatment rooms are picked out by statement pendants, clusters of silvery ’bubbles’, that further express the submerged concept. General and spot lighting recessed into the ceiling boom are imperceptible in the folded ceiling.

The use of light has been considered throughout the elements of the fit out. Acrylic shelving units have become points of focus, designed as ‘light boxes’ with recessed integrated LEDs glowing through the transparent shelves. Backlit signage panels are also integrated into the overall design, and large format video screens face out into the mall, showcasing water themed content as well as advertising material. The lead designer, Satyavan Geisweiller, has described the lighting as simply "fantastic" adding that the new concept had provided sales that were "100% more than we had expected".

Biotherm plan to roll out the concept for all future boutiques, counters and points-of-sale globally. Speirs + Major will continue to provide guidance to support the use of light to enhance Biotherm’s brand identity.

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